“Like Radio” encompasses a collection of radio stations that are managed from and within numerous countries across the globe. All the services are accessible through the internet, and certain services can also be accessed through DAB Digital Radio in different regions of the United Kingdom. In addition to the UK, some of these services extend to encompass the entirety of Malta and Gozo.

This suite of stations is also a trendsetter, option the test bed for the latest and best in advertising technologies.

The History

Like Radio was initially introduced in 2015, marking its debut as a solitary station with a focus on the West Midlands region within the United Kingdom. Commencing its journey as a locally-oriented music service with an emphasis on popular hits, it underwent a significant transition in 2020 when it came under the stewardship of Like Media Group. Like Media Group, who operated multiple FM licenses in the northern reaches of the UK, assumed control of the station’s operations.

The year 2021 bore witness to a pivotal development in Like Radio’s trajectory. During this time, Like Media Group assumed ownership of the esteemed “Like” brand name, thereby cementing its association with the station. Subsequently, a comprehensive reorientation took place, steering the station’s purpose towards an expanded horizon. No longer confined to a solely local perspective, Like Radio underwent a metamorphosis into an ensemble of stations catering to a broader span of age groups.

This evolution was characterised by a strategic shift, with a pronounced concentration on integrating cutting-edge advertising technologies. This strategic manoeuvre was undertaken to ensure the station’s continued relevance and resilience in the face of future challenges, effectively safeguarding its operational longevity.

For more information on Like Media Group, you can visit the website here.